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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Men's Alexander McQueen in Milan

The men's show for Alexander McQueen in Milan was the first show for Sarah Burton as the creative director when she stepped in after the death of the late Alexander McQueen. While she helped to finish the earlier collection that Alexander had begun, this was her first collection on her own. Bravo! The line is in good hands. 

Thursday, June 24, 2010

FASHION REPORT with Brittany: Traveling

My name is Brittany and I am honored to be a guest writer for SOMW. My duties will include providing retail reports of what is selling, hot boutiques, and new trends. I’m off to Paris tomorrow and look forward to shopping and trend forecasting in the fashion capital of the world. I will also be visiting Florence, Athens, Mykonos, and Amsterdam, so I will provide detailed fashion reports from each city.

To begin my first post, I would like to discuss essentials for traveling. When traveling, it is important to bring proper attire, based upon which city you are traveling to. Going to Paris, a very stylish city, it is important to look your best. Knowing that I am a shopaholic, I limited myself to what I am taking with me, with the plan of shopping my ass off while in Paris and coming home with a whole new wardrobe. So I have to keep in mind that what I bring must be transitional and functional.

The first most important item is a good pair of boots. Boots are great for walking around in and will protect your feet from getting dirty. I am bringing a flat motorcycle boot because they look great with skinny leg pants as well as dresses and are easy to walk in. Most of the roads in Paris are cobblestone, so having a comfortable shoe is essential.
Mia Deputy Boot, $189.00 available at

A second fundamental traveling item is a great leather jacket. It gets cold in the evenings and a lightweight leather jacket is perfect to throw on over pretty much anything. I am bringing a military style leather jacket by Joie, that is supersoft lightweight leather that has rusty gold buttons going down the front.

Joie Dagney Leather Jacket, $638.00

A final traveling necessity is a cute swimsuit. It is summer time and I will also be spending some time in Greece, enjoying tanning in the sun. It is imperative to have a suitable swimsuit that looks good and doesn’t give you bad tan lines. This ruffled bikini by Undrest is an eye-catching poolside choice that is fashionable and sun-tan friendly!

Undrest Ruffled Bikini, $205

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Michelle Mason is an Actress who just can't stop Modeling

Who said blondes are stupid? If you ever met our good friend Michelle Mason, you would rethink that statement. When we first met Michelle over a year ago, her looks floored us and her wisdom from that blonde head made us want more. She has modeled for Stella McCartney, Chloe, Anna Molonari, Greg Gorman, Andrew Southam. Michelle is in LA pursuing acting and we caught up with her during a rehearsal for a short film she's acting in...

When did you start Modeling?
When I was sixteen I was ridiculously petite and went to one of those modeling expos where there are a bunch of agents. I got some agents, and it kept going from there. I didn't really get out there to work until I was 18. School was always the priority, I never took time off. I wanted  to make sure to graduate college on time and get that done before getting too distracted by the industry.

Sacramento is your home town, right? Do you miss living up north? 
It is. I'm from Gold River, which is on the river (shockingly) nearer to Folsom than Sacramento. I miss the peace of Northern Cal, how close it is to the snow, the wakeboarding, kayaking, etc. Now when I go home I really appreciate how beautiful and peaceful it is, as well as the abundance outdoor activities.

Tell us something amazing that has happened through modeling and something awful you experienced or never expected about modeling. 
I have been bitten by a horse, attacked by (literally) hundreds of jellyfish, been creeped on by numerous clients, learned that some girls are most definitely prostitutes, and survived it all. I have seen alot of the world and met amazing people. I wouldn't change any of it, except I would have spent a year at NYU instead of a few months so I could have worked more in NY at that time in my life.

Tell us about acting in LA? How are the Fashion Industry and Hollywood different?
Fashion and Hollywood have alot of parallels, but at the end of the day are completely different animals. To me, modeling can be fun, but I look at it as a means to an end. I thought I would be done with it when I finished college, but the work keeps on coming. It's one of the only jobs that's flexible enough to allow me to travel for work and make it to all of my auditions. Fashion is about the clothes and not the person in them (unless it's kate moss or a celebrity endorsement). The entertainment industry is based on who you are and how you come across. I much prefer being valued for my personality and skill than for how well some garments hang off of me. I do admire those who work in fashion, the designers and everyone involved. It's a very difficult business and it takes a certain chutzpah (like acting does), to be able to succeed. I love clothes, love seeing collections early, and have learned alot from people I've worked with on how to style and mix up my own wardrobe. 

Tell us some books you refer too as a guide to what you live by.
The tao te ching, and all of Sylvia Boorstien's books on buddhist philosophy. They really help keep things in the right perspective.

Have you been with LA Models the whole time? Who are your bookers, runway and print?
I've had many agents over the years. In LA I was with LA for a few years, went to Next, then came back and have been back for two years. I am with Pam for print and Crista/Sara/Francis for runway.

SOMW loves Michelle and wish her success in her acting... and more in modeling. :)

Friday, June 18, 2010

A Sneak Peak into HYPE Clothing's Holiday look book

SOMW loves HYPE and our girl Brittany over there gave us a sneak peak into the Holiday Look Book. If you have been under a rock and don't know HYPE, here is a description...

Whether you are on the beach cruising on a yacht, or out to a fabulous cocktail party in the hills, HYPE dresses dazzle and shine.

The sophisticated and edgy collection has revamped its look to a more diverse, yet svelte appearance. Silk Jacquard two-toned butterfly dresses and flirty cowl neck blouses are a few key items in HYPE’s Fall 2010 collection. Additionally, wool tube dresses and wool boyfriend blazers paired with printed silk prairie dresses are all the rage at HYPE. The collection ranges between $49.00-$92.00 wholesale and hangs along contemporary brands such as Trina Turk, Nanette Lepore, and Tracey Reese. 

The HYPE woman is sophisticated yet edgy. She likes classic bodies mixed with bold prints and flirty, feminine fabrics. She likes to dress up for brunches and dinners, even going to the beach or going to a party. She likes to shine and dazzle wherever she goes. She also likes items that are easy to transition from day to night. She likes to pair a sexy silk dress with a denim jacket for the day and a pair of sandals and for the evening dresses it up with a shawl and pumps.

Celebrities who shine in HYPE dresses are Paris Hilton, Eva Longoria, and Vanessa Hudgens.

For more information check out or contact Brittany at the Hype Showroom:
860 S. Los Angeles St. #309
Los Angeles, CA 90014
P: 213.236.9000
F: 213.236.9003

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Marki in LA

Marki came out to LA from NY to do some hair and shoot some test shoots. This is we he had to say about his trip...

The experience I had when arriving to LA was amazing. The palm trees, weather and most importantly the really cool chill people. It was my first time shooting/working here and I had a blast.The models I shoot with were so laid back and cool which I was expecting them to be since they are California girls. My plan is to come to LA 2 weeks out of the month and to work on shoots and also to do private clients hair. I would love to style any of the beautiful girls of LA's hair and am going to continue to enjoy shooting for the agencies in LA.


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

COCO got Married!

June 9th, Coco Rocha tied the knot with James Conran who is an Interior Designer and apparently designed Coco's apartment. We are happy for this amazing super looking sweet in her Zac Posen wedding dress. Let's see how long it take for some babies!!